What You’ll Need

Don’t worry – we were nervous our first time too!

What to Bring…

Bring a yoga mat, beach-sized towel and and a reusable water bottle for your practice.  Throw another towel in your bag if you would like to shower after class.

We rent yoga mats and towels for a small fee.  All mats and towels are washed and disinfected after use.  We also sell any yoga clothing or accessories you may need.

What to Wear

Keep in mind that the room is heated and you will sweat!

Wear comfortable clothing that provide ease of movement. Guys typically wear  sport shorts and a t-shirt (no shirt is okay too!). Girls usually wear a tank top, yoga shorts, capris, or pants.  Bare feet in the hot room!

What to Eat and Drink…

Come to class on a semi-empty stomach. Avoid coffee before class, and drink lots of water.  Try not to eat any heavy meals 2 to 3 hours before practicing, and arrive well hydrated!

What to Buy…

First-time students at our studio can purchase an Introductory Month for $50.  This gives newcomers 30 consecutive days of unlimited classes.  It is a great opportunity to become acquainted with our instructors and our studio, while experiencing the benefits of Moksha Yoga on a personal level. (Sorry, no extensions and or refunds.)

Other Helpful Hints…

Please check in at the desk for every class, even if you’ve already checked in on line. This will ensure you’re properly welcomed and given any equipment or information you may need!

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to class time, latecomers not permitted and door will be locked.

Cell phones are NOT permitted in the hot room.

Kindly refrain from wearing strong fragrances when coming to class.

We Missed Something?

Still have questions?  Let us help you! Ask our friendly Energy Exchangers any questions you may have!