Energy Exchange

Come and work with us for four hours a week and get unlimited yoga!

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Energy Exchange/Ambassador Program Availability:
Please indicate all times that you are available to work (times are subject to change):
MON: 9:20am-1:20pm/4:30 or 5-8:30-9pm

TUES: 4:30-5pm–8:30-9pm

WED: 9:20am-1:20pm/4:305 pm–8:30-9 pm

THURS: 4:30-5 pm –8:30-9 pm

FRI: 9:20am-1:20pm/4:3-5 pm–8:30-9 pm

SAT: 9:00am-1pm/12-4pm

SUN: 9 am-1pm and 2-6 pm
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* We will give you unlimited yoga classes for 4 hours of your time and energy per week
We ask that you commit to the same time and day every week for 3 months

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