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SPEAK YOUR PEACE – a post by Jess Robertson

A NOTE ON SPEAK YOUR PEACE & THE RECENT EVENTS IN CHARLOTTESVILLE Written By Jessica Robertson – Moksha/Modo Yoga co-founder We all have different roles to play in life. We are teachers, we are community leaders, we are parents, academics, activists, sisters, brothers and friends. We unite around the fact that many of us want to… More details

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Yoga Advice for Runners

Yoga advice for runners Yoga Advice for Runners will help will help you identify how yoga can prepare you for the non-impact strength training days, pre- and post stretching as well as what to do on your recovery days.  Whatever running you do, Moksha yoga can help prevent injury, strengthen your core and upper body and… More details


Moksha Yoga co-founder Jess Robertson talks with

If your favorite Bikram yoga class isn’t meeting your mind-body needs, head over to a Moksha yoga studio. We talked with Moksha Yoga co-founder Jessica Robertson to learn more about this form of cardiovascular hot yoga practice.

Jessica Robertson is the co-founder of Moksha Yoga, New Leaf Yoga Foundation…